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Naomi Osaka and her father Leonard Francois | Greg Wood / AFP In this mini-biography, we shed light on Leonard Francois' life and the role he has played in his daughters' success. In 2018, Naomi Osaka defeated the then 23-time winner of the Grand Slam Serena Williams at the U.S. Open final, giving the world a new tennis superstar to fixate on Leonard Francois is well known as the father of a famous Japanese Professional Tennis player, Naomi Osaka. His daughter, Naomi is a current champion at the US Open and Australian Open in the singles category. Further, she is ranked no 1 by the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) Following graduation from college in Sapporo where they met, both Leonard Francois and Tamaki relocated to Osaka where he began working and they had their daughters, Mari and Naomi. One random night in 1999 when Leonard Francois was watching the French Open which the Williams sisters were dominating, he got inspired to teach his daughters the sport to achieve the same feat as the Williams Leonard Francois with his wife and two daughters Photo Source: Twitter. Tamaki Osaka is originally from Japan and used to speak in Creole with her family. Her parents initially didn't accept Tamaki's relationship with Leonard. After this, the couple moved to Osaka city from Hokkaido and gave birth to their two daughters; Naomi Osaka and Mari Leonard Francois came into limelight as a celebrity father. He is popular as the father of Japanese Professional Tennis player, Naomi Osaka. Leonard Francois wife name is Tamaki Osaka and shared 2 kids. His daughter net worth is around $16 million

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Naomi Osaka's parents are her biggest fans. Leonard Francois and Tamaki Osaka have shaped their daughter's tennis career, as well as her life off the court Naomi is the younger of two daughters born to Tamaki Osaka & Leonard François, Tamaki hails from Japan, Francois was born in Haiti; he met Tamaki in New York where he was studying at the New York University. they dated for a few years and eventually tied the knot

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Top facts about Leonard Francois - Biography of the unsung hero, The Father of Naomi and Mari Osaka by Favour When Venus and Serena Williams came as tennis players to the scene and started racking up victories left and right, the world found their dad, Richard Williams, at the root of the success and turned to their history After 2 back to back Grand Slam wins (US Open in 2018 and Australian Open in 2019), Naomi Osaka became a huge star in Japan as well as the world over. She amassed plenty of prize money but even bigger was her endorsement deals which included some of the major companies like Nippon Airways and Nissan. The fact that she is the first tennis player, male or female from Japan to win a Grand Slam. Well, Naomi's mother Tamaki Osaka had a not so long relationship with her father Leonard Francois, a Haitian born. According to the New York Times, both parents faced difficulties due a divide culture, since her mom side is from a town called Osaka, Japan. We don't know how it works in Japan, but her mother's last name is after the city Naomi Osaka's father, Leonard Francois, taught his daughters Naomi and Mari to play tennis based off of the way Richard Williams taught his daughters, Serena and Venus, how to play as young girls

Leonard Francois is the father of Naomi Osaka, the professional tennis player, who best Serena Williams in the 2018 US Open Final. He's dedicated many years of his life working as a tennis coach for his daughters, Mari and Naomi. Contents1 Early life and family2 Career3 Elder daughter, Mari Osaka4 Younger daughter, Naomi Osaka4.1 Controvers Who are Naomi Osaka's parents? Famous tennis player Naomi Osaka was born on October 16, 1997 to Leonard Francois and Tamaki Osaka. It was reported that the couple met in Hokkaido when Leonard came to Japan after studying at New York University Caption: Leonard Francois with his wife and daughters (Photo: Playerswiki) Leonard with his wife Tamaki welcomed two daughters. The couple blessed with their first daughter Mari Osaka born on April 3, 1996.After a year, they welcomed their second daughter Noami Osaka born on October 16, 1997. After Leonard married with Tamaki, his wife decided to give her last name to their daughters Naomi Osaka (大坂 なおみ, Ōsaka Naomi, Japanese pronunciation: [o̞ːsäkä näo̞mi], born October 16, 1997) is a professional tennis player who represents Japan. Osaka has been ranked No. 1 by the Women's Tennis Association (WTA), and is the first Asian player to hold the top ranking in singles. She is a three-time Grand Slam singles champion, and is the reigning champion at the US Open Naomi Osaka est née en 1997, au Japon, dans l'arrondissement Chūō d'Osaka [3], d'une mère japonaise, Tamaki Osaka, et d'un père haïtien, ex étudiant de l'université de New York [4], Leonard François [5], [6], [7]. Les parents de Naomi Osaka se sont rencontrés dans les années 1990 à Sapporo, sur l'île de Hokkaidō, dans le Nord du.

Osaka, Naomi Osaka est née d'une mère japonaise, Tamaki Osaka et d'un père haïtien, Léonard François, qui était venu au Japon pour y suivre des études She is set to star for many years to come. We know a lot about Naomi's triumphs, but most people don't know much about the pivotal role her parents played to facilitate her success. This article will provide an in-depth look into Naomi's parents, Tamaki Osaka and Leonard Francois Leonard Francois is an outstanding dad of a celebrated Japanese Professional Tennis player, Naomi Osaka. Furthermore, Naomi is the current boss at the US Open and Australian Open in the singles class. Right now, she is positioned no 1 by the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) Tamaki Osaka and Leonard Francois and their two daughters sizzling in Long island, New York. AFRICANGLOBE - As Naomi Osaka recently made history by beating Serena Williams at the U.S. Open in wrapped up a 6-2, 6-4 victory for her first Grand Slam title. In a general comparison the two daughters of Leonard Francois (Naomi and Mari) and Richard Williams' daughters (Serena and Venus) these. Leben. Naomi Ōsaka wurde in der westjapanischen Stadt Osaka geboren. Ōsakas Vater Leonard San François kommt aus dem Karibikstaat Haiti, ihre japanische Mutter Tamaki Ōsaka stammt von der Insel Hokkaidō. Der Großvater verstieß ihre Mutter, weil sie einen Schwarzen geheiratet hatte, weshalb die Familie in die Vereinigten Staaten zog, als Ōsaka drei Jahre alt war

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Leonard Francois is a tennis coach who is popularly known to be the father of the tennis player Naomi Osaka. He is the person behind his daughters' success in sports. READ ALSO: Kamilla Kowal biography: Age, measurements, lip injection Tamaki Osaka & Leonard Francois Meet Tamaki Osaka & Leonard Francois; they are the amazing and proud parents of Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka, world No. 17 on the ATP world rankings since July 23, 2018 What's more, Naomi and Mari Osaka's father, Leonard Francois, actually emulated his coaching style off of Richard Williams. Here's what you need to know. 1 Three-time major champion Naomi Osaka has arrived in Haiti this Monday, September 21, for a very surprise and discreet visit. Osaka, 22, is accompanied by a few members of her family, according to our sources Naomi Osaka is a Japanese professional tennis player. She is the daughter of Tamaki Osaka and Leonard San François. Her father is Haitian and her mother is Japanese. Her parents decided that their daughter go with Tamaki's maiden name as it was more practical for living in Japan

Naomi Osaka became the world's No. 1 ranked player in women's tennis following her Grand Slam wins at the 2018 U.S. Open and the 2019 Australian Open. She was the first Asian player, male or. Naomi Osaka (japansk: 大坂 なおみ Ōsaka Naomi, født 16. oktober 1997 i Osaka, Japan) er en profesjonell tennisspiller som representerer Japan.. Osaka slo Serena Williams i finalen i US Open i september 2018. Osaka var nummer 1 på WTA-rankingen i oktober 2018 og igjen i august 2019. Hun vant sin første WTA-tittel i 2018, og står etter seieren i US Open med to seire på WTA-touren Naomi Osaka loves making fun of her father Leonard Francois. Leonard Francois was the key to Naomi's success in tennis and he is used to coach her daughter. He and Naomi had a fantastic run last year after Leonard Francois took over from Osaka's former coach Jermaine Jenkins to win 14 consecutiv..

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Naomi Osaka WATCH: Naomi Osaka talks about her dad's coaching At the 2018 US Open, Naomi Osaka's father Leonard Francois was walking around Arthur Ashe Stadium instead of watching his daughter. She has since been coaching under her father Leonard Francois which has worked for her so far. Naomi Osaka will be looking to play her best tennis as she is going into the 2020 Australian Open as the defending champion. For this reason, she has added Wim Fisette to her coaching team. Wim Fisette has brought success to many tennis players Jan 27, 2019 - Meet Tamaki Osaka & Leonard François, they are the amazing and proud parents of the young Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka Serena Williams hugs Naomi Osaka after Osaka defeated Williams in the women's final of the U.S. Open on Sept. 8, 2018, in New York. (Andres Kudacki / AP) That was Francois' blueprint, these. Naomi Osaka was born in Japan but raised in the U.S. Her mother is Tamaki Osaka, from Japan, and her father, Leonard François, is from Haiti. The couple met when François was a student at NYU. Osaka was born in Japan but was brought to the U.S. when she was three years old

Tamaki Osaka is best known as Naomi Osaka's mother. Originally from Japan, Tamaki Osaka, at the present, seems to live in the United States with her two daughters and her husband. Osaka is happily married to Leonard Francois (Naomi's Father), a Haitian man, with whom she met on Hokkaido when Leonard While watching the French Open in 1999, Naomi Osaka's father, Leonard Francois, was mesmerized by sisters Venus and Serena Williams, who went on to win the women's doubles title during that year Photo Source : Naomi Osaka Instagram When she began to develop into a top-rate tennis player a few years ago, her father, Leonard Francois , chose the Japanese Tennis Association over the United States Tennis Association because of Naomi's dual passport

PHOTO: Naomi Osaka's Father, Leonard Maxime Francois, at the 2018 US Open Finals. Related Articles: Haitian-Japanese Naomi Osaka become Adidas' highest-paid female endorser ever. Naomi Osaka, the Haitian-Japanase tennis player who beat Serena Williams at the US Open Grand Slam final, is reportedly about to land the biggest.. Osaka is of mixed heritage - she has a Japanese mother, Tamaki, and Haitian-American father, Leonard Francois, whose passion for tennis came from watching Venus and Serena playing together to win. Naomi Osaka was born in Ch??-ku, Osaka, Japan, to a Japanese mother, Tamaki Osaka, and a Haitian father, Leonard San François. In Nemuro—a city and port located in Hokkaido, Japan—where Naomi's mother, Tamaki grew up, Tamaki wasn't used to seeing people who didn't like her Naomi Osaka had a rather unique experience with her coaches this year. The Japanese surprised the tennis community after she parted ways with Sascha Bajin a couple of weeks after she won the Australian Open. Their partnership was fantastic in terms of results as Naomi went from being barely known to win Indian Wells, the US Open, and the title in Melbourne. Their chemistry also looked. Leonard Francois, far left, and Tamaki Osaka, second from right, with their daughters Mari, left, and Naomi, right, and friends in Osaka, Japan, in 1999. Credit... Osaka famil

Naomi Osaka Leonard Francois Print Related. Watch: Khachanov loses his cool over line call, attacks net and umpire's chair in loss to Evans . Trending Ojichan=Grandfather, Kuni=Grandmother, Toku=Aun (L-R) Leonard Francois, Naomi Osaka (JPN), September 19, 2019 - Tennis : Practice, at ITC Utsubo Tennis Center during 2019 TORAY PAN PACIFIC OPEN TENNIS TOURNAMENT in Osaka, Japan Naomi Osaka/ Photo: AFP A big but satisfying surprise for many Haitians. Three-time major champion Naomi Osaka has arrived in Haiti this Monday, September 21, for a very surprise and discrete visit

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Naomi Osaka mother is called Tamaki Osaka, and she is from Hokkaido Japan. Naomi Osaka parents met in Japan when Tamaki was in high school and Leonard was in college. They secretly dated for years, and when Tamaki's family found out they were together, they never spoke to her for a decade and a half Naomi Osaka with her father Leonard Francois on Brighton Beach. (AAP ) While it comes as no surprise that Naomi's meteoric rise as an international icon and inspiration would lead to some. Haitian-Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka has gained widespread attention and admiration in the Haitian community. On Saturday, 20-year-old Osaka defeated her childhood idol Serena Williams during the U.S. Open Women's Final. Here are three things to know about the tennis star bringing pride to Haitians across the world. She took her mother's name instead of he

Naomi Osaka with her dad Leonard Francois after she won last year's Australian Open. (AAP Image/Julian Smith) Source: AAP Naomi Osaka won the tournament opening match for her dad at the. Tennis - Two time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka has posted a vide on the new video-sharing application Tik-Tok making fun of her dad, Leonard Francois. In the video, Osaka compiles some funny. Naomi Osaka's Parents, Leonard Francois and Tamaki Osaka, Are Her Biggest Fans. Naomi Osaka's parents are her biggest fans. Leonard Francois and Tamaki Osaka have shaped their daughter's tennis career, as well as her life off the court. amp video_youtube MarieClaire.com Sep 10 Naomi Osaka's Breakout 2018 Season Marked the Emergence of a Star Sports Illustrated via Yahoo Sports · 2 years ago. Like all ambitious, young tennis players, Naomi Osaka had cued the video years in advance. Here was.. Naomi Osaka is being sued by her former coach who says the world No. 1 tennis player owes him 20 percent of her career earnings, He claims he was hired by Osaka's father, Leonard Francois,.

Naomi Osaka citizenship is Japanese. Naomi Osaka's career life. After seeing Venus and Serena Williams at the French Open in 1999, Leonard Francois was inspired to train her girls to play tennis. Osaka started working with Patrick Tauma at the ISP Academy at the age of 15. Osaka's route to the top was highly unusual Leonard Francois Overview Leonard Francois has been associated with three companies, according to public records. The companies were formed over a two year period with the most recent being incorporated one year ago in December of 2018. Two of the companies are still active while the remaining one is now listed as inactive

This edition of FRONTPAGE was first published on August 26, 2020. In it, we sat down with tennis superstar, Naomi Osaka, before she went on to win the US Open Women's Singles. Now, as she is named. As Leonard Francois, Osaka's father, told The New York Times Magazine last summer, the story began in June 1999 when he caught a glimpse of two young sisters, Venus and Serena Williams, on their. It's been a historic year for Naomi Osaka, and she's made history again this week by rising to No. 4 in the WTA rankings—tying the all-time record for highest-ranked Japanese player, male or. According to Osaka's management agency, she will be coached by her father, Leonard Francois, until she starts looking for a new coach once the season is over. Jenkins, 34, was hired after the Japanese star abruptly parted ways with coach Sascha Bajin just weeks after winning her second consecutive Grand Slam, at the Australian Open, and becoming world No. 1 Naomi Osaka has laughed off comments from a Japanese comedy duo that she needs Japan, on Oct. 16, 1997. Her father, Leonard Francois (R), is from Haiti and her mother, Tamaki Osaka, is.

Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka is a force to be reckoned with in women's tennis. Japan, on Oct. 16, 1997. Her father, Leonard Francois (R), is from Haiti and her mother, Tamaki Osaka, is. Naomi Osaka did not stay behind as she also has been keeping busy on Tik Tok. The Japanese sensation knows how to have a bit of fun with the popular video-sharing application. Naomi Osaka poked fun at her father. In the latest hilarious Tik Tok video, Naomi Osaka made fun of her father Leonard Francois

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Naomi was born in Chuo-ku, Osaka, to Hokkaido native Tamaki Osaka and Haitian-born Leonard François. She uses her mother's last name, as does her older sister Mari, who is also a professional tennis player, due to a Japanese family registration law that states that children born to parents where one is Japanese and the other is foreign are registered under the Japanese parent's name Naomi Osaka's former coach claims when she was 13 The man behind the lawsuit is Christophe Jean-- who says Naomi's father, Leonard Francois, which is why he's suing Naomi, Mari and Leonard

Talking about the family members of Naomi, she is the daughter child to her parents, Leonard Francois and Tamaki Osaka. Her father has taught her tennis when she was at a young age. Also, she has one sister siblings named Mari Osaka who is also a professional tennis player Naomi Osaka biography. The professional tennis player was born on 16 October 1997 in Chuo-ku, Osaka Japan to Tamaki Osaka and Leonard Francois. Naomi Osaka parents come from different races. Her mother is a native of Hokkaido in Japan while Naomi Osaka father comes from Jacmel in Haiti Naomi Osaka was born on the 16 th of October 1997 in Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan. Father Leonard 'San' Francois is from Haiti. Her mother Tamaki Osaka is from Japan. Naomi has an elder sister named Mari Osaka, who is also a professional tennis player. When Naomi was just a three-year-toddler, her family had moved to United States

Naomi Osaka as seen in June 2018 (Naomi Osaka / Instagram) Naomi Osaka Facts. When she was 3 years old, her family moved to the United States and decided to settle down in Florida. At the age of 3, she started her tennis coaching under the supervision of her father Leonard François Naomi Osaka Body Measurements: Listed below are the complete tennis star Naomi Osaka body measurements details, including her height, weight, bra cup, dress, bust, hip, waist, and shoe size.. Height in Feet: 5' 11 Height in Centimeters: 180 cm Weight in Kilogram: 69 kg Weight in Pounds: 152 pounds Bra Size: Unknown Feet/ Shoe Size: Unknown Naomi Osaka Interesting Facts

Leonard Francois est entré en scène en tant que père célèbre. Il est populaire en tant que père du joueur de tennis professionnel japonais, Naomi Osaka. Le nom de femme de Leonard Francois est Tamaki Osaka et a partagé 2 enfants. La valeur nette de sa fille est d'environ 16 millions de dollars World number four and two-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka said the journey with her father as a coach has been nostalgic. She said that one of the favourite phrases used by her father is It's not rocket science. Osaka, after dispensing two coaches earlier this year, finally found the guide in her father Leonard Francois Naomi Osaka was born in Chuo-ku, Osaka in Japan to an Haitian father, Leonard Francois and her mother, Tamaki Osaka from Hokkaido, Japan. Osaka is of mixed ethnicity of Japanese, Haitian and American. She also has an older sister named Mari, a professional tennis player Naomi Osaka older sister Mari Osaka also plays professionally. Mari was born in Osaka, Japan to a Haitian father, Leonard Francois, and a Japanese mother

Naomi Osaka's Parents, Leonard Francois and Tamaki Osaka, Are Her Biggest Fans. They've helped shape Osaka's tennis career, as well as her life off the court Naomi Osaka was born on 16 October 1997 in Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Her Zodiac Sign is Libra. Her father named Leonard San Francois and Tamaki Osaka. She has an elder sister named Mari Osaka. Naomi Osaka is unmarried. Naomi went to Elmont Alden Terrace Primary School and then admitted to Broward Virtual High School

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  1. Tags: Naomi Osaka, Leonard Francois, Naomi Osaka Father, Marcel Duret, Edwing Charles, Sports, Haitian American Topics. You might also like. Haiti Money: The government is slowly going back on decision prohibiting circulation of other currencies in the country; FLASH: Judge blocks president TRUMP from ending TPS for Haitian
  2. Naomi Osaka and her father, Leonard Francois — Pic credit: Fox Francois, from the game, also learned that their father, Richard Williams, doubles as their trainer even though he had never played.
  3. Osaka is clearly proud of her Haitian heritage and Japanese roots. Her father, Leonard Francois, is Haitian while her mother, Tamaki Osaka, is Japanese. Though she is presently based in the U.S., she has endorsement deals with Japanese brands such as Nissin Noodles and Shiseido Cosmetics
  4. @Naomi_Osaka_ Happy Birthday Léonard François ‍♂️ https://t.co/F3bqPRhV8
  5. Leonard Francois bước vào ánh đèn sân khấu như một người cha nổi tiếng. Ông nổi tiếng là cha đẻ của tay vợt chuyên nghiệp Nhật Bản, Naomi Osaka. Tên vợ Leonard Francois là Tamaki Osaka và chia sẻ 2 đứa con. Giá trị tài sản ròng của con gái ông là khoảng 16 triệu đô la
  6. Naomi Osaka finds it 'nostalgic' to have her Haitian father coaching her in the 2019 China Open instead Naomi Osaka finds it 'nostalgic Leonard Francois, as the person to guide her

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About Naomi Osaka including Naomi Osaka photos, news, gossip and videos. Leonard Francois. Mother. Tamaki Osaka. Sister. Mari Osaka. Relation. YBN Cordae (rapper) Naomi Osaka News and Articles Osaka passou a desenvolver seu tênis com os ensinamentos de Leonard François, seu pai. O haitiano se inspirou nas irmãs Williams para proporcionar às suas filhas o mesmo caminho de vitórias das americanas Leonard Francois va entrar com a pare de celebritats. És popular com el pare de la jugadora de tennis professional japonesa, Naomi Osaka. El nom de la dona Leonard Francois és Tamaki Osaka i van compartir 2 fills. El valor net de la seva filla és d'uns 16 milions de dòlars Naomi Osaka's Family: Raised BY Mixed Ethnic Parents! Haitian-American-Japanese tennis player, Naomi Osaka was raised by Haitian father, Leonard San François and Japanese mother, Tamaki Osaka in the United States. She has an older sister named Mari, who is also a professional tennis player. Don't Miss: Philip Mudd Wiki, Age, Married, Wife, CN Naomi Osaka was born on October 16, 1997, in Ch??-Ku, Osaka, Japan. She is the daughter of Tamaki Osaka and Leonard San François. As of 2018, she is 21 years old. Osaka and her sister, Mari Osaka grew up in Japan who took their mother's maiden name for ease instead of their father's. Osaka belongs to the mixed ethnicity as her father is.

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  1. Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams of the US meet at the net after their 2018 US Open women's singles final match. Leonard Francois, who would take them to public courts
  2. Naomi Osaka, who beat Serena Leonard Francois, is Haitian; her mother, Tamaki Osaka, is Japanese. The two met in Hokkaido when Francois, then a college student in New York, was visiting the.
  3. Naomi Osaka, la número uno del tenis, recibe millonaria demanda. Christophe Jean, exentrenador de la tenista japonesa, Leonard Francois, en 2011, cuando Jean empezó a trabajar con Naomi
  4. Naomi Osaka won the tournament's opening match for her dad at the Australian Open. Serena Williams won hers for her daughter. For something new, Osaka's father, Leonard Francois,.
  5. Naomi Osaka ja hänen isänsä Leonard Francois juhlivat Melbournessa Australian avointen voittoa. ­ Kuva: Greg Wood / LEHTIKUVA / AFP Japanissa syntynyt tennistähti muutti perheineen Yhdysvaltoihin vuonna 2000, jolloin hän oli vain kolmevuotias

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  1. Naomi Osaka became $3.8 she represents Japan — a decision made by her father Leonard Maxime Francois when it was also a monumental moment for her father Francois, who trained Osaka.
  2. World No 1 ranked female tennis player, Japan's Naomi Osaka, with her Haitian father Leonard Francois, after her victory in the women's singles final at the Australian Open
  3. Naomi Osaka tem uma irmã mais velha, Mari, que também se tornou tenista profissional. As duas foram treinadas pelo pai Leonard François, que se inspirou em Richard Williams, pai de Venus e Serena Williams. Mais tarde, a família de Naomi Osaka se mudou para a Flórida
  4. Naomi Osaka is simultaneously one of the most intimidating and most relatable players in women's tennis right now. On one hand, she's a two-time Grand Slam winner who in one year made a whopping.
  5. Aug 29, 2018 - The latest Tweets from Naomi's Shinobi (@Naomi_Osaka_). Fan account of grand slam champion @NaomiOsaka #大坂なおみ #TeamJapan . Los Angeles, C

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A los tres años, la familia se mudó a Nueva Yok desde Japón, a casa de unos parientes en Long Island del haitiano Leonard Francois, padre de Naomi y de Mari Osaka, la hermana mayor (por un año) Leonard Francois is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Leonard Francois and others you may know. Facebook gives people the Japan Women's Open Tennis, Naomi Osaka, D. Johnson, ProWorld Academy, Samuel Vincent Films, Cara's Collections, Ted'Actu, Ritz Kinam 2, Miss Marie Cleaning Services, The Young Turks, adidas, HAITIAN AMERICAN. Naomi osaka father leonard francois, 5 days ago Naomi Osaka's mother Tamaki has sacrificed a lot, she used to get up in the morning as early Who is Naomi Osaka's father Leonard Francois. Who is Leonard Francois? Is he married? Is he the father of tennis star Naomi Osaka? What is the salary and net worth of Leonard Francois? Naomi Osaka is a Japanese professional tennis player who became the first Japanese tennis player to win a Grand Slam singles tournament, defeating Serena Williams in the final of the 2018 US Open. Turning professional in 2013, Naomi achieved a career-high singles ranking of World No. 1 on January 28, 2019. She won her first two Grand Slam singles titles in back-to-back Grand Slam tournaments.

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  3. Meet Naomi Osaka's Parents And Family • AfricanGlobe

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  1. Leonard Francois bio: age, nationality, profession, wife
  2. Naomi Osaka's Parents Tamaki Osaka & Leonard François
  3. Leonard Francois & Richard Williams: 5 Fast Facts to Know
Naomi Osaka 大坂なおみ: Court InterviewMeet Haitian-Japanese Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Tennis ProNaomi Osaka’s Breakthrough Game - The New York TimesLeonard Francois – Biography & Facts About Naomi Osaka's
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